Split w/ Braineater

by Vanquisher

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Braineater's side here:

Vanquisher would like to thank:
Eric & Sue Gauthier, Chris Inman, Luke Ellis, Tyler LeClair, Stephanie Gay, Clay Cutting, Joel Crockett, Mallory Henry, Jarred Lucas, Sam Preston, Justin Misener, Braineater, Dina Dog Records, and you!


released March 3, 2014

Vanquisher is:
Ross Ellis - Guitar
Anthony Gauthier - Guitar
Mike Haywood - Drums
Walker MacDonald - Bass
Chalen MacPhail - Vocals

All music written, recorded and mixed by Vanquisher

Recorded at Bologna Studios in February 2014

J-card by Dakota Quinn, design by Walker MacDonald

All tapes dubbed and assembled by Dina Dog Records



all rights reserved


Vanquisher Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Track Name: Vanquished
Black cloud of death is looming ahead
Hear the battle cry, you've been sentenced to die

Nuclear wildebeests, zombies and orcs, armed to teeth
Their blades and your flesh will meet

Feeding the flames as the fires burn, a gruesome jihad
Spit in the face of god

Raping and pillaging, spreading the plague, conquering all
Down the whole kingdom will fall


Riding through the night
Ready, prepared to fight
An outrageous thrill
That you'll never know

Death dealt in the dark
Shredding your face apart
We're sounding the charge
Let's fucking go


To those who oppose us
We are now your gods
A warning to our foes

You will be vanquished

The well is poisoned, the disease spreads
Rotting your flesh, the mission to demolish

Is set in motion, none shall survive
Meet your death, and savor your final breath

Enter the throne room, behead the king
His daughter & wife, taking meaningless life

Stand proud and tall on the waste you've laid
This has been

A barbaric triumph



(Solo; Gauthier)


Alt Chorus:

To those who oppose us
We are now your gods
A warning to our foes

You and your friends and your father and mother and every last one of your creed

Will be vanquished
Track Name: Ice Wizard
The wizard sits atop the mountain
Waiting for his prey

Spots you walking 'cross the plains
Your death is on its way

Casts his spell down through the air
Your fate it has been dealt

Trapped now in polar prison
Cold like you've never felt

Dragged down into his lair
Only to be lost

Cry out onto deaf ears
Blocked by wall of frost

(Solo; Ellis)

Now inside your future tomb
Built wall to wall of ice

On stone sacrificial table
You know he's gonna slice

Ligaments, arteries
Cut right down to the bone

He will feast upon your flesh
And make your soul his own

Held down onto slab
Your blood consumed by frost

No doubt, soul is gone
Your body shall be tossed

Fear the cold, if yo value life
Tales of old, can't describe your mortal strife
Never before has one man lived while before the Ice Wizard
Tales of great disaster, so real they seem absurd
"It's time again" the wizard cries, as icy blade meets stone
Fresh meet to devour, while upon his frozen throne
Track Name: T-101
Sent back in time to eliminate man
Kill Sarah Connor by the bionic hand

Kyle Reese sent to defend the human race
Skill and wit his tools to kill the beast


The killing machine
The robotic man
In 1997, the destroyer of the land

Machines rise up
Skynet unleashed
You will fall onto your knees
To the


T-101 (x4)

You think you have won, you think all is well
That this god-forsaken fire fight has sent him to hell

But the endo-skeleton rises the ashes
Not even death can end these damn, bloody clashes



(Solo; Ellis)


Track Name: Beware the Moonlight
Dead of night, the moon begins to show
Goku's red eyes, they begin to glow

His Saiyan roots are about to be unleashed
Everything in sight will become his feast

First come the teeth, and then the fur
For this alien plight, there is no cure


Changing shape
Deciding your fate

Horrid, unearthly sight
Beware the moonlight

All sanity has become undone
Demolition, annihilation has begun

Pilaf's castle in the ruins below
Can no longer tell who is friend or foe

Into the desert, escape the devastation
But Goku rages on


(Solo; Ellis)

Mass eradication, brutal devastation
Intergalactic bringer of destruction and death

If this teaches you one thing
Beware the light of the moon